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Careers in the Coast Guard

Coast Guard Reserve Opportunities
Coast Guard Reservists work along side the full time Guardsman. You will serve typically just 2 days a month, and report to a base near your home two weeks a year. If you are working on or have completed your college degree, you may want to become a Reserve Officer in the Coast Guard. As a Reservist, you will receive extra income, receive valuable benefits, receive training in diverse fields and have a chance to serve your country.

Coast Guard Enlisted Opportunities
After joining the Coast Guard as an enlisted Guardsman you will have the opportunity to serve in safety and law enforcement, patrolling our waterways, provide air support for the coast guard, work in environmental operations, and much more.

Coast Guard Officer Opportunities
If you are a take charge leader, maybe an officer’s commission in the Coast Guard is right for you. For college graduates, civilians in the workforce, and prior service military the US Coast Guard will train you where you can make decisions that can make the difference between life and death.

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