Talk to a Recruiter

Questions for the Coast Guard Recruiter


Now that you have gathered some information about the Coast Guard, you know the main requirements for joining and you have narrowed down your interests to how you want to serve, it is time to talk to a Coast Guard recruiter. What are you going to ask the recruiter? Here are some questions you may want the answers to:

  • How long will I need to serve in the Coast Guard?
  • How is the US Coast Guard different from the other services in the US Armed Forces?
  • What do I need to know about basic training?
  • How should I prepare for Coast Guard basic training?
  • What job opportunities will I have in the Coast Guard?
  • Where do most new Coast Guardsmen begin their service?
  • What will my pay and benefits be in the Coast Guard?
  • What college benefits are provided by the Coast Guard?
  • Can I go to college while I am in the Coast Guard?
  • Can you explain the Coast Guard’s Buddy Program which allows me to go to basic training with a friend?

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